JB Cosmetics


At JB Cosmetics, our creative passion is to understand and advance in the science of beauty. With an innate desire to help women and men feel more confident by enhancing their natural beauty. We are dedicated to always providing the highest quality and innovative products for all who aspire to create beauty.


office JB Cosmetics is the leading developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade treatment cosmetics and eyelash treatments. Since launching in Southern California circa 2004, JB Cosmetics has experienced rapid growth and has become a dominant force in the professional cosmetic industry. The company's mass production capability, quick turnaround time, and competitive pricing without compromising quality has led us to gain private label and contract manufacturing accounts with major brand names that can be found at retailers such as Target, Costco, Boots, Ulta, CVS, and more.

JB Cosmetics is also the umbrella company for world recognized innovative eyelash solution brands: LashFood, and JB Lashes, and SimplePerm. With a renowned, experienced team of cosmetic chemists, JB Cosmetics is able to continuously develop innovative eyelash solutions. The company has and is continually investing in new, state of the art machines, quality ingredients, and research in order to develop and offer the best products to their clients ranging from private label companies to professional aestheticians. JB Cosmetics' brands can be found throughout fine salon and spa retailers, medical practice offices (medical spas, plastic surgeons), beauty academies, and designer department stores.

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